Owner’s Bio

Josh Rivas is a world-class hairstylist and color specialist with his salon based in Santa Clarita. Clients from around the world consult with him to create styles that enhance and define them. At the heart of Josh’s achievements is the ability to be a visionary both as a stylist and an entrepreneur. He has always been fascinated by hair texture, color, and style and the marketing of these endeavors.

Despite some early childhood challenges, traumas and being raised by a single mom, Josh was fortunate to have incredible mentors in his life who invested deeply into him as a young man. He learned from an early age that pouring into others was the most valuable way that he could reciprocate the grace given to him. From the time he could walk, he worked, never asking for anything knowing he could earn it himself. By fourteen he got his first “real” job. Even at this age his ability to see beyond the present, create a strategy and see it through to success was already active. He started detailing cars in his neighborhood where he worked hard, hired staff and built a strong business. In high school, he was a member of multiple clubs, cross country and track. He also carried a full load of classes. In addition, he worked over 40 hours a week and received his diploma and license from beauty school.

Recognizing his unique skill sets and drive, he was quickly promoted to management by his employers. In 2003 his career as a professional hairstylist was launched. In 2004, his responsibilities at home were prioritized when he became caretaker to his quadriplegic grandmother. Josh immediately took her in and has been supporting her and caring for her ever since. Ask him where his joy and ultimate reward is and he will tell you it is in the day-to-day caring of this gracious woman. Theirs is a mutual relationship as she in turn counsels him with the wisdom of her years and gratitude.

In 2005, Josh went on his first trip to Eastern Europe with a team who taught conversational English. When the students found out that he was a hairstylist from Southern California, they all called him the “Hollywood Hairstylist” crafting over one hundred haircuts on that first trip, thus taking his career international. The following year, more people were interested in having their hair styled by the “Hollywood Hairstylist” than they were in learning English! Josh now has clients from all over Europe, Asia, Africa as well as the United States.

Josh donates generously to multiple charities. Local ones include the Single Mother’s Outreach, Michael Hoefflin Foundation, The Child and Family Center, Bridge to Home, and his favorite, The Crisis Pregnancy Center. In addition, he is involved with multiple homeless organizations where he speaks to youth and mentors homeless teens one-on-one. In 2011, he partnered with the Dream Center to reach out to the homeless population on Skid Row. As a result of his involvement he met a very practical yet seemingly insignificant need – socks. As a result, the donations and participants have multiplied exponentially every year. Last year he collected nearly 1600 socks and took a team of youth to pass them out on Skid row.

Josh is very involved with his church where he serves on high school staff and mentors teens. He was on The Congressional Small Business Board of Advisors and was the first male to be a member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. He is a former President of Business Connections, a local business group. In addition, he is a part of several committees in Downtown Newhall.

In April of 2012 he opened Tribute Beauty Lounge in Old Town Newhall. He decided that the heart of this salon was going to be about giving back and showing gratitude, hence the name Tribute.

It symbolically stands as a personal monument to those who have invested greatly into his life and his desire to do likewise for others. In 2012 Josh took a stand-up comedy class just for fun. He has since won multiple contests and launched his career in stand-up comedy where he not only performs, but also produces shows.

In 2013 he was among the recipients of the prestigious 40 Under Forty Award.

Josh Rivas’ life is defined, not by the success of a business, but by the relationships he builds and the people he loves and invests in.

To learn more about Josh, go to www.getjoshed.com